[Book Review] Expert C Programming

“Expert C Programming” Cover

“Expert C Programming: Deep Secrets” is a fun, light-hearted book with a look into some traps and subtleties of the C programming language.

It certainly doesn’t cover anything that isn’t known to most programmers who have worked with C., But it explains them in some detail and goes in-depth into some of them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover as many topics as one would like, and this is to be expected of a book of this size and scope.

One crucial point is that the book is quite dated (before 1999 & C99), and this takes little of its value. This is due to the sad fact that many issues discussed still plague C programmers to this day. And many of the author’s predictions have already come to pass.

A book that may be suitable to readers of this book is “The Practice of Programming,” co-authored by the UNIX veteran Rob Pike.



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